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KWAZAR Opryskiwacz Merkury SUPER 360 PRO+ 1L


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Designed for the application of alkaline preparation

Trigger sprayer with the capacity 1L. Designed for the application of alkaline preparations used in workshops, industry nd food processing. Perfect for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, cleaning sanitary and hospital rooms, cleaning steel structures on ships, aircraft components, degreasing tools and engines, removing oils, grease, soot in industrial kitchens. Construction of sprayers with EPDM seals ensure durable and long lasting.


Super Double Action – application when the pump lever is pressed and released

adjustable nozzle – adjustment of the degree of atomization of the liquid (from mist to stream)

liquid level strip – easy dosing and control of the liquid level

stabilizing ring – stabilization and protection of the tank against damage

capacity (l): 1
weight (kg): 0,18
seals: EPDM
quantity per box (pcs): 25

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