WHEEL WOOLIES Woolie Bully 60 cm

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The Woolie Bully brush is the largest and longest Wheel Woolies®. Detail Brush 24" Extended Head with grip.


The Woolie Bully® line of brushes are the largest and longest Wheel Woolies® brushes we’ve made to date. With extra long 12” microfiber brush parts and 6” and 12” long flexible non scratching polypro rod handles, Woolie Bullies® were developed for cleaning the largest SUV’s, RV recreational vehicles and pickup trucks. With extra long handles and compressible brush parts, a Woolie Bully® can reach deep into areas other brushes cannot reach. With soft absorbent fused microfiber material Wheel Woolies® deliver more detergent and remove more dirt than any other car care or wheel cleaning brush. Wheel Woolies® require frequent rinsing to remove abrasive dirt while in use and a final rinse before storing.

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