GRIT GUARD Complete Washing System Combo

GRIT GUARD 19 l Complete Washing System Combo

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2 buckets 19 l (5 galonów US) + 2 Grit Guard Insert + 2 Gamma Seal Lid + 2 Dolly + Diamond Plate Connector

The Grit Guard 5 Gallon Dual Bucket Washing System is a superb cleaning kit that includes two heavy-duty 2 Grit Guard Buckets 19 l (5 galonów US) with leak-proof Gamma Seal Lid, Grit Guard Insertsand a Kneeling Pad. This convenient system is ideal for most any car, truck, trailer or boat. The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System is designed to prevent swirl marks and scratches while washing your vehicle.

This system is ideal for keeping your wash mitt clean and free of contaminants. Use the first bucket to rinse the mitt or brush before putting it in the clean, soapy water bucket.


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