MAISTIC Micro Plastic Free FLOOR Cloth (Viscose) Extra thickness printed 2 units per pack

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Microplastic Free, suitable for all everyday cleaning in kitchen, bathroom, inside and outside.



MAISTIC Floor Cloth is of good quality with extra strenght – 240 g/m2. This makes it easier for mopping floors since its thickness prevents it from crumbling during mopping. This also makes it last longer than a thin cloth. It comes in a 2 pcs pack. Packing is paper wrap only – no plastic. This cloth is naturally also 100% bio-based and 100% plastic free.


The material is 100% natural wood based viscose.

Quality 240 gram/m2. Size 32×38 cm
The cloth color is white with ‘0% microplastic’ in green print (AZO-free).

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