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MAISTIC 2 Liter 2.GEN HOME Compostable Food Bags. 30 units per roll/pack

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Made with plant residues. 


MAISTIC Home Compostable Food Bags

Made with plant residues

Our new 2.GEN compostable food bag is second generation. By including the new bioplastic PHA produced from plant residues in food production in our material, Maistic show the sustainable innovation in compostables. Recidues that would otherwise be treated as waste and burned or otherwise disposed is now used in the raw material for an everyday consumer product usually made from traditional plastic.

Maistic 2.GEN – no plastic chemicals

Maistic home compostable food bags are certified home compostable meaning they are tested biodegradable and can be composted with food scraps in a well nourished compost bin at home. How to home compost correctly, please find guidelines in books and online. The Maistic Food Bags don’t contain phthalates and Bisphenol A, F and S, nor other harmful chemicals or plasticisers used in traditional plastics – simply because of the OK Compost Home certifications, that doesn’t allow traditional plastics and their chemicals. Why? Because the certification and EU-standards behind it describes what is allowed in compost for our fields and gardens – and those plastic chemicals don’t belong out there. The bag material is meant to decompose to make rich soil, not damage the soil. Compost is part of an organic lifestyle and good for the environment and your health!

The bag material

You’ll find our bags strong, elastic and thin. Internal tests have shown that the bags are fully capable of storaging most widely used things or goods. The bags being thin is also a question on optimal use of resources; it’s better to use two bags a few times than thick bags all the time. All Maistic bags are approved for food contact.

Bags in boxes with date

The food bags comes in a paper box – no plastic packaging, of course. All Maistic bag boxes are marked with an ‘Often Good After‘ date, as home compostable bags have a natural shelf life of approx 1 year, simply because they are designed to break down. You can safely use the bags till they start to break when tearing bags from the roll. The Maistic food bags are suitable for cold storage, freezing and storage at room temperature in general. Do not use in microwave.

OK Compost HOME

The most significant claims for the OK Compost HOME label are:

  • The material must be degradable into water, CO2 and biomass
  • The bio-degradability is tested through claims set by EU compost legislation. The testing for HOME-certification is done in a controlled environment similar to a well maintained home composting environment with food scraps within time limits and temperature limits - for HOME it is 20 C.
  • There are high claims to contents of the material - higher limits than if the bags were 'just' approved for contacts with food. This means that the bags from Maistic are produced without using phthalates, BPA and other bisphenoles, heavy metals etc.
  • The last claim is the reason why the other claims are so high and says: The composted biomass may not harm nature when used as fertilizer, but must strengthen the soil.

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