POORBOY?S WORLD SSR 1 Light Abrasive Swirl Remover

POORBOY'S WORLD SSR 1 Light Abrasive Swirl Remover 473ml

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A slightly abrasive polish

Poorboy's World SSR-1 Super Swirl Remover is the lightest in our line of Super Swirl Removers. This light abrasive is for removal of light swirls, oxidation, fine scratches, final polish/jeweling, and light over-spray. SSR-1 restores luster and shine to your finish. SSR-1 is "Body Shop Safe" and does not contain wax, silicone, or gloss enhancers, what you see is what you get, there is never a need for a time consuming IPA wipe down to see what you have removed.

Just like all Poorboy's World products SSR-1 may be used in the SUN or SHADE. SSR-1 may be used by HAND or MACHINE. For use on Clear-coats, Paint, Chrome, Gel Coats, Glass, and Plexiglas.

Recommended machine buffing pads are: Finessing, Finishing, and Polishing.


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