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SCHOLL CONCEPTS NINJA Cutting Pad 140/20mm red

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Very abrasive polishing pad


SCHOLL CONCEPTS NINJA Cutting Pad 140/20mm red -  the very abrasive polishing pad allows to polish even hard to reach surface areas. Cut-outs on the pad ensures a slight reduction of holograms while polishing. The perfect pad for demanding detailer.

The inovative and unique design of this polishing pad minimizes the pressure on the outer egde. This helps to avoid the formation of the holograms.

The tear-resistant and reticulateds foam composition also provides maximum durability of the Ninja Pad

The "Flex-Cut" design reduces heat build-up on the outer egde of the pad significantly

Polishing pad can be used in combination with all common polishing machines

Works great with compounds SCHOLL CONCEPTS S2 BLACK, SCHOCK 2 CUT, S3 GOLD, S17, S20 BLACK

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