SURF CITY GARAGE Barrier Reef Carnauba Liquid Wax 473ml

SURF CITY GARAGE Barrier Reef Carnauba Liquid Wax 473ml

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A gloss so deep it’ll make you feel like you can dive right into the paint


You walk out of your house to go to work and your driveway is littered with people. They're all crowded around your ride oohing and ahhhing at that deep, wet shine. Snapping pictures and murmuring about the long-lasting protection. Debra from across the street is doing her makeup in the hood and Steve is clearing his throat loudly behind you, then you realize that's not Steve. It's someone who looks a little like Steve, waiting impatiently in line behind you at checkout while you stand there smirking like a dummy with a bottle of Surf City Garage Liquid Wax in your hand. Live your dreams, man. Buy the wax.

Hand Application (1) Shake well. (2) Using a circular motion, apply to painted surfaces (clear coat or single stage) that are cool to the touch with applicator or microfiber towel. (3) Allow product to dry completely. (4) Remove wax with a clean microfiber towel. Machine Buffer (1) Shake well. (2) Use a microfiber bonnet or foam finishing pad. (3) Using a low/medium speed setting and light pressure, buff while wet. (4) As polish begins to disappear, reduce pressure. Wipe off any excess with a clean microfiber towel.

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About Surf City Garage

Istnieje na świecie tylko jedna firma która specjalnie na potrzeby pielęgnacji swojej kolekcji 125 zabytkowych Muscle Cars stworzyła linię kosmetyów samochodowych. Aby utrzymać kolekcję samochodów w idealnej prezencji, Surf City Garage zaprojektowało linię quick detailerów, wosków, produktów do czyszczenia i koserwacji każdej powierzchni samochodu, oraz najwyższej jakości akcesoriów. Nie bez powodu Surf City Garage jest najszybciej rozwijającą się firmą w branży kosmetyków samochodowych na świecie!

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