Dodo Juice Hard Candy Wax 30ml

Dodo Juice Hard Candy Wax 30ml

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Car wax for every colour of car paintwork

Like Rainforest RubHard Candy’s colour is neither too warm or too cold, so we think it's a great choice for any colour of paintwork. As well as T1 grade carnauba wax, it also contains Mexican candelilla wax (hence the ‘candy’) and it's also firmer in texture rather than soft. This means it applies more consistently and sparingly, making it almost impossible to over-apply.

The result is perfect curing, time after time. An absolute gift for detailing newbies, and first choice of many pro detailers (who consider Hard Candy to be the best wax they have ever used in terms of ease-of-use). It's economical, too.


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