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Quality headlamp with batteries and sensor function

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Battery-driven COB LED headlamp with 150 lumen and sensor function

In almost every working situation it is convenient to have both hands free to carry out your work as efficient as possible.
The HEAD LITE A is developed to provide you with such indispensable and supportive bright work light.
The LED headlamp is compactly designed and comfortable to wear with a soft built-in protection pad to avoid imprint on the forehead.
Actually, after only few minutes you will stop noticing you wear it. The ultralight  headlamp is easy to operate and applicable for all kinds of working tasks.
Waterproof with a IP54 classification.

Compared to the first generation, HEAD LITE A has been upgraded with the highly efficient COB LED technology that ensures super bright illumination of the work area.
It has also been upgraded with a stepless dimmer function in the range of 10 % to 100 % that enables you to easily adjust the light output to the work task. 

The lamp head is easily adjusted to obtain the optimum work lighting angle.

The HEAD LITE A headlamp has touchless sensor function making it easy to switch on/off the lamp by just waving in front of the headlamp.
In this way you can activate the lamp with thick gloves and avoid touching the switch button with dirty hands.
To avoid unintentional activation, you have to activate the sensor with a dual movement.

If you want to save battery capacity. you can easily turn on the lamp only when needed with the sensor function.
It can also be an advantage to turn off the lamp to avoid dazzling colleagues near you. 

HEAD LITE A is tested according to the ANSI/NEMA FL1 standard

The design of Scangrip HEAD LITE A is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 4070035.

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