TACK RAGS "NATGOZ" 50 x 75cm Natural Cotton Gauze (10 pack)

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The definitive dust removal solution designed to remove particles of dust, dirt and lint that would contaminate a surface that is to be painted, coated, laminate or finished

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TACK RAGS "NATGOZ"  - Recommended for dust particles from P240 and smaller.

  • 500 x 750mm
  • 100% Cotton 13 yarn gauze with a unique tacky formulation
  • Ideal for an economical dust removal
  • 13 yarns/inches for a better wiping efficiency
  • Remove over twice as much dust as with a traditional Tack Rag!
  • High tackiness to match your capture and no transfer expectations
  • Different folding available to improve your wiping efficiency

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