• A polymer sealant for all finishes. It is a blend of anti-corrosive, detergent resistant poly siloxane copolymers and high melt resins which provide a high gloss, durable protective film that protects the finish against heat, water and detergent.
  • Removes surface accumulation and oxidation.
  • Penetrates and seals giving great depth to true paint colors thus it provides months of maintenance free appearance and protection against environmental elements, oxidation and detergents.
  • To protect the finish of your car for a longtime, FK recommends use of # 2180 once a month initially and then once every 2-3 months.

DIRECTIONS: Do not apply in direct sun or on hot surfaces. Use soft towel or micro fiber cloth for application and wiping. Apply the product and work it well into the finish. Allow it to dry, then wipe to brilliant & long lasting luster. In case of excessive dirt or grit, wash the surface with mild soap before applying.