Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax 30ml

Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax 30ml

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Car wax for dark coloured cars

Blue Velvet is the Dodo Juice hard wax created for dark coloured cars. It's a sweet smelling balm that’s high in carnauba and blue beyond belief.

A great choice for all dark coloured cars - or why not apply it to a light coloured car? Being a dark wax, you can see where it's gone... and if you apply no more than two layers it isn't going to dramatically alter the original appearance. But beware of Blue Velvet's seductive dark side - it may stain application pads and buffing cloths, although we've never known anyone's fingers to go blue. At least, not permanently ;)

Expect a 2-4% dye tint on paintwork - it won't be that noticeable but it is there and it does darken the original finish. Metallics/pearlescents are going to enjoy the best results here. Recoating interval is a recommended 2-3 months.

Capacity: 30 ml


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