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An elegant, scented, wooden hanger

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A bouquet of rose and magnolia wrapped in caramel sweetness enriched with warm woody notes and the addition of amber make the

fragrance light, airy, and at the same time intense and sophisticated.


An elegant, scented, wooden hanger with a brown, braided string is a sophisticated accessory that will perfectly match any car interior.

You will be positively surprised by the Fresso hanger, its unique form as well as a long-lasting and brilliantly composed fragrance.

Due to their natural origin, the hangers may slightly differ in appearance, which makes them unique and exceptional.

How to use:

  1. Take the air freshener out of the box. Remove the foil and hang the freshener under the car’s rearview mirror.
  2. Caution Hang the air freshener in a way that will prevent it from coming into contact with delicate surfaces, plastic, skin, etc.
  3. The manufacturer is not responsible for the use of the product inconsistent with its intended use. If you feel unwell or dizzy, stop using the product immediately.

Factors reducing the durability and perceptibility of the smell:

  • Low temperature (below 5 degrees Celsius) or extremely high temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius)
  • Regularly leaving the car in direct sunlight
  • No cleanliness in the car
  • Presence of other (also used) odors in the car
  • Getting used to the smell
  • No periodic cleaning of the air conditioning
  • The intense smell of upholstery in the car

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