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FRESSO Signature Man 50ml

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Exclusive durable car perfume 

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It is highlighting the masculine strength and physical attributes of a self-aware man. It is remarkably long-lasting, which gives you energy on challenging days. It begins with sparkling bergamot, lemon, and the spicy freshness of pepper combined with the highly aromatic cardamom. Your stimulated senses wander along a path of delicate flowers - Jasmine, rose, and white lily of the valley. Its strength and decisiveness come through in the blend of oakmoss, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Its culmination is the delicate scent of Brazilian rosewood, musk, and vetiver. 


A unique fragrance composition, enclosed in a glass bottle of Fresso perfume, will impress with its expressive depth. The cap made of wood emphasizes its uniqueness and elegance.

Dose Fresso perfume as you like, the fragrance intensity depends on your preferences. At any time, you can refresh and enhance a subtle scent, which will fill your car again.


The formula of our fragrances are the result of the work of outstanding specialists who used unique and valuable ingredients to create them.

The 50 ml bottle will amaze you with its efficiency.
A subtle scent, obtained after the application of 5 doses of perfume will last in your car for up to several days!

How to use:

  1. Spray the perfume approx. 20 cm from carpet mats, creating a mist.
  2. In the case of rubber mats, test the perfume on an invisible part of the upholstery to make sure it does not leave any marks. Avoid repeated application in the same place. Avoid spraying the perfume directly onto the leather, plastic, etc.
  3. Keep the stream away from the face. Do not apply to the body. Enjoy the long-lasting and unique fragrance.
  4. The manufacturer is not responsible for the use of the product inconsistent with its intended use. Store the product in an upright position.
  5. If you feel unwell or dizzy, stop using the product immediately.
  6. Do not store the product at term features above 75 degrees Celsius.

Factors reducing the durability and perceptibility of the smell:

  • Low temperature (below 5 degrees Celsius) or extremely high temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius)
  • Regularly leaving the car in direct sunlight
  • No cleanliness in the car
  • Presence of other (also used) odors in the car
  • Getting used to the smell
  • No periodic cleaning of the air conditioning
  • The intense smell of upholstery in the car

Wooden hanger sold separately. 

Size: 50ml

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