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Versatile, highly concentrated cleaning product of revolutionary efficiency

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Versatile, highly concentrated cleaning product of revolutionary efficiency. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use - it guarantees each surface maximum safety. This is the only APC on the market that, does not contain harmful sodium hydroxide and yet boasts incredible cleaning power! It is safe for plastics, rubber elements, fabric upholstery, and a clear coat—no choking effect. The product is biodegradable.

  • dangerous sodium hydroxide free
  • maximum safety
  • does not damage fabrics or plastics even after drying!
  • 3x more cleaning power
  • does not produce odors and vapors
  • 2x more concentrated
  • easily biodegradable
  • fragrance: lime with mint

The product is designed for cleaning and washing upholstery and headliner. Plastic, rubber, faux leather (eco-leather), and lacquered elements. It is perfect for heavy dirt on bodywork, and wheel arches.
Dilution: 1:10 (100 ml for each 1l of water) – 1:20 (50 ml for each 1l of water)

How to use:

  1. Prepare the working solution (1:10-1:20) depending on how dirty the surface is.
  2. Spray the surface and work with a brush.
  3. Rinse the product with water or wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Additional recommendations
After a period of time, small dents may appear on the bottle.
Do not apply on hot surfaces and do not allow them to dry.

Capacity: 5000ml

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