POORBOY'S Deluxe Mega Plush Coral / 40x40cm

POORBOY'S WORLD Deluxe Mega Plush Coral / 40x40cm

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Microfibre towel for polishing waxes, quick detailerów / coral (16 x 16)


Poorboy's World Deluxe Mega Towel (DMT) is our top of the line microfiber towel for very good reasons! The DMT is a 16 x 16 inch towel with rounded edges featuring a scratch-free 100% silk border and NO TAGS. One side is super plush and absorbent for initial product removal or wipe downs, while the opposite side features a tight nap for final buffing to really make the finish shine! Each towel is individually wrapped so there is no need to worry about getting dirt imbedded during shipping or storage, if you don't immediately use the towel.

The Deluxe Mega Towel's uses include:

  • Wax removal
  • Sealant removal
  • Polish removal
  • Quick detailing
  • Waterless washing

It is plush, absorbent and extremely well manufactured to give you a durable, long lasting deluxe towel. We are sure that after using our Deluxe Mega Towel, with it's luxurious look and feel, that you will designate your current towels for customers, friend cars or grunge work.

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