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POORBOY'S WORLD Bug Squash 946ml

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Bug Squash is a concentrated formula and, in most cases, can be diluted 3 : 1

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Have some nasty bugs on your finish? Don't let them sit there too long because they can eat into your clear coat! Bug guts are highly acidic and can permanently etch into your beautiful clear coat. Bird droppings will have the same effect as well. Bug Squash is specifically engineered to break down the unique proteins that bugs contain to quickly and efficiently breakdown and remove bug splatter from your vehicle, while not harming your vehicles wax or sealant. 

Bug Squash can also be used as a pre-wash to knock off winter road grime and dirt and oils from daily driving before washing. 

Want a boost in your windshield washer fluid to help get rid of those smear marks on your windshield and eat through winter salt grime? Poorboy's World Bug Squash works great as an additive. Just put a cap full into your windshield washer reservoir and watch it give your fluid cleaning power a boost! 

Bug Squash is a concentrated formula and, in most cases, can be diluted 3 : 1 (water : Bug Squash)

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