MAISTIC Micro Plastic Free ALL PURPOSE Cloth (Viscose) printed 5 units per pack

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Microplastic Free, suitable for all everyday cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, inside and outside.

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Disposable cloth, All Purpose Cloth, Viscose fiber cloth. No polyester, microplastic free.
The plastic fibre version of the traditional viscose cloths has many differnt names. The microplastic free one has only one name: The Maistic Cloth.

MAISTIC All Purpose Cloth – Microplastic Free is produced without polyester or other kinds of plastic. The 20-50% polyester fibres that are usually in viscose cloths are simply replaced with more woodbased viscose.

The Maistic cloth has a slight, no scratch scrubbing effect and suitable for all everyday cleaning in kitchen, bathroom, inside and outside.
Masitic recommend using your cloths many times and wash the cloths in washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius.
Please note: Washing at 90 degrees Celsius and/or if tumble dried, the cloth life span may be reduced.


Comes in both a 5pcs pack – MICROPLASTIC FREE
The material is 100% natural wood based viscose.
Quality 110 gram/m2. Size 32×38 cm
The cloth color is white with ‘0% microplastic’ in green print (AZO-free).

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