KUNAGONE Cats repellent 2-pak PL

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Cats repellent

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Cats Repellent 2-pak PL

A proven solution for cats. KUNAGONE for CATS is a proven solution for protecting against cats. If you do not like the presence of these animals in your immediate surroundings – now you can prevent these unwanted visits. KUNAGONE for CATS will create an invisible protective barrier.

  • Protects against cats
    A specific blend of dog fur from different breeds effectively repels cats.
  • Use anywhere
    You can place the bag anywhere where you don't want the presence of a cat.
  • Long-lasting
    The bags release the smell continuously, up to three months.
  • Natural repellent
    Specific aromatic blends naturally repel wild animals.

A natural and economical repellent. The product is based on the instinctive behavior of animals scared-off by its natural enemies.

It owes its effectiveness to a unique blend of the fur from several dogs of different breeds, selected from specific groomers. The entire thing undergoes a thermal treatment with the addition of aromas repelling wild animals and plant wax that prolongs the products functioning.

The method of operation and composition have been patented.

How to use:

  1. Remove the foil cover of the bag.
  2. Attach the bag anywhere where you don't want the presence of a cat.
  3. Let the smell release slowly in the place of installation.
  4. No traces of a cat? Great! Is the cat coming back? Increase the number of points.
  5. The guard of your area has been activated. Working time up to 3 months.

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