KUNAGONE Wild Animals Repellent 1-pak PL

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It scares off martens and wild animals. This is probably one of the best solutions for your car, attic, or basement

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Wild Animals Repellent 1-pak PL

Try Kunagone! It is a product that bases on the instinctive behavior of animals. It releases a natural smell that drives them away, making your car and attic "unattractive" to them.

Proven protection against martens. The effectiveness was confirmed during tests and examinations lasting 12 months. The tests took place in households where martens caused damage to attics, lofts, and under car hoods.

  • Protects against martens
    A specific blend of dog fur effectively repels martens.
  • For the attics or a car
    The bag you can place under the car hood or in the attic of your house.
  • Long-lasting
    The bags release the smell continuously, up to three months.
  • Natural repellent
    Specific aromatic mixtures naturally scare-off wild animals

It owes its effectiveness to a unique blend of the fur from several dogs of different breeds, selected from specific groomers. The entire thing undergoes a thermal treatment with the addition of aromas repelling wild animals and plant wax that prolongs the product's functioning.
The method of operation and composition have been patented.

How to use:

  1. Remove the foil cover of the bag.
  2. Tie the bag under the hood of the car.
  3. Let the smell slowly release under the hood.
  4. Is there no attack? There are no martens. If the animal returns, add another bag.
  5. The guard of your engine has been activated. Working time from 3 to 6 months.

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