MAISTIC Dish Wash Scrubbie (Hemp/Cellulose) 1 unit per pack

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Plastic free, bio-based and reusable

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MAISTIC Hemp Scrubbie for sustainable plastic free dishwashing

Hemp outside. And a small plastic free cellulose sponge inside.
Slightly scratchy, easy to bend for cleaning cups and glasses, and even good looking by the sink.

The Maistic Hemp Scrubbie is simply a luxury sponge for doing the dishes and other kinds of house cleaning. Plastic Free.
And even with a good conscience doing so:

  • 100% biobased
  • Lots of sustainable hemps
  • Reusable & dishwasher is safe. 40C in the washing machine is okay too.

MAISTIC Hemp Scrubbie is great for doing the dishes and a new plastic free alternative for the dish brush.

Whether you need to clean your mug, juice glass or breakfast bowl, MAISTIC Hemp Scrubbie does the job – eco-friendly, effective, and without risk of polluting oceans and nature with microplastic.

MAISTIC Hemp Scrubbie is handy. The hemp terry with cotton netting scrubs lightly, while the plastic free cellulose sponge inside gives the spongy soft feel – and saves a substantial amount of soap. Why? Opposite plastic sponges, pure cellulose sponges absorb soap better making it last longer while cleaning.

The Maistic sponges are reusable. When you need to wash your sponge, you can easily clean it in the dishwasher. Just make it wet again and it’s ready for reuse.

If rougher cleaning is needed we recommend MAISTIC Bio Kitchen Scrubber.

If you on the other hand need to clean surfaces like windows, mirrors, tables etc., we recommend MAISTIC All Purpose Cellulose Sponge for dust and lint-free cleaning.

Washing instructions

As for all Maistic sponges, we recommend cleaning in the dishwasher.
Put sponge in the tray for glasses. Dry it standing up afterward. Now the sponge is ready for use again. Alternatively, use boiling water, maybe with a little vinaigre.

If you put Hemp Scrubbie and all other Maistic sponges in the washing machine, expect a shorter lifespan for the product.


MAISTIC Hemp Scrubbie – 100% bio-based.
Sponge inside: Natural cellulose from wood fibers.
Textile outside: Terry from 90% hemp/10% cotton. Cotton lining
Sewed with cotton thread.
Measurement 11 x 11 cm.
Wrapped plastic free in paper.

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