FRESSO Interior Dressing 100ml

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Dressing to all plastics in your car

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Interior Dressing

Fresso Interior Dressing will thoroughly nourish and protect plastic, rubber, and vinyl elements inside your car. It creates a long-lasting antistatic coating that repels dust and dirt. It contains UV filters that protect the plastic from degradation and discoloration.

Take care of the natural look of plastic elements and ensure the darkening effect that will make your car look exclusive. Thanks to the high efficiency of the product, you can enjoy a beautiful interior for a long time and relish your drive in the best aesthetic conditions.

Be careful! The simple application and the effect obtained make the product simply addictive.

Product features:

  • Nourishes plastic, rubber, and vinyl elements
  • Protects plastic elements from degradation and discoloration
  • Restores the natural look
  • Leaves a matt/satin finish*
  • Strong darkening effect*
  • Long-lasting anti-static coating
  • High efficiency of the product
  • It leaves no white marks after contact with water

Fragrance note

Wood and water perfumed scent. An unsurpassed and unique combination of opposites. Marine notes of water and amber mingle with the balm of guaiac wood, patchouli and ambergris.
A true scent of victory and desire.

How to use

  1. Apply a small amount of the product using a microfibre cloth or an applicator.
  2. Spread the product evenly on the element.
  3. Leave the product to dry for a moment.
  4. Remove excess product with a dry microfibre cloth.

Terms of use:

  • Use the product on cool upholstery in a darkened area
  • Store above 4 degrees Celcius in a dark place

* The darkening strength and the finish (matte/satin) may vary depending on the type of plastic, rubber or vinyl.

Capacity: 100ml

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