Poorboy's Ceramic Surface Prep 473 ml

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Contains IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and triple-filtered, de-ionized water plus added lubricant

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Before applying a ceramic coating, it's very important to prep the surface. Whether it's polishing oils, previous wax layers, silicone-based dressings or trace amounts of car wash surfactants, any of these can hinder your efforts. Poorboy's World Surface Prep Spray is designed to remove any existing polishing residues, oils or surfactants to help make sure that your ceramic coating is being applied to a truly clean surface.

Ceramic coatings offer superior durability. Using Surface Prep from Poorboy's World prior to application will make sure that your coating bonds to the surface better for longer-lasting, ultra-durable protection. Use Poorboy's World Surface Prep Spray on paint, glass, wheels, plastic, chrome and almost any exterior surface before ceramic coating application.

Poorboy's World Surface Prep Spray contains IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and triple-filtered, de-ionized water plus we have added a lubricant, that flashes quickly, to help prevent marring when wiping. We believe that Poorboy's World Surface Prep Spray is cheap insurance to help ensure that your coating has a strong bond.   



  • Use Before Ceramic Application

  • Lubricated Solution w/ Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Easy Spray-on, Wipe-off Application

  • Quickly Prepares Surface for Ceramics


  • Paint

  • Glass

  • Wheels 

  • Smooth Plastic

  • Chrome

  • Textured Trim 



Apply to cool surface only, in a well-ventilated area.

Work on one panel at a time or concentrate on a 3' x 3' area. Simply spray a light mist of Poorboy's Surface Prep directly onto the surface that you will be coating and wipe with a soft microfiber towel. Flip the towel over to a dry side, or use a separate towel, and give a few wipes until surface is clear and clean.



Some customers have told us that they mix up some distilled water and isopropyl alcohol and make their own ceramic coating prep spray. Our position is that if you are familiar with coating application and already do this, then keep doing what works best for you. Surface Prep Spray is for those who want a ready to use product with no mixing required or they may be unsure of the percentages to use.

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